Weird belief systems: Flat Earth

This is such an awesome video. I love it! ❤
Suni Williams tours the ISS with a camera:

I recently tried to discuss this video with people who apparently choose to believe that we live on a Flat Earth and claim that “outer space is a ficticious concept“. Of course they have compelling explanations of how NASA faked all this material.

I’m aware that most so-called “Flat-Earthers” are just trying to pull a leg (Poe’s Law!), but there are (at least some) people who seem to fall for the joke and I’m not yet sure what we can learn from the phenomenon of genuine Flat Earth believers…
The phenomenon sure can be regarded as a demonstration of freedom. It shows that we are free to believe that we are living on a Flat Earth and that we are being fooled by an evil organization of liars… We can believe that we are victims of a generation spanning conspiracy.
People are free to believe that. I only worry for the people they might influence and drag into their paranoid belief system.
I can only hope their children will have easier ways of finding out for themselves on what sort of a world we’re living on.
Although it is actually already pretty easy to gain a basic understanding of our planet’s shape and movement, already…

This Vsauce video (for example) is also breathtakingly awesome and educating:

I just wonder what drives people to fundamentally doubt and question all that we have learned and achieved as a society/ as a civilization (so far) without any really plausible reason, whatsoever… It might be true, that people just feel overwhelmed and deeply frustrated… That might be a psychological explanation why people tend to adopt very paranoid and extravagant belief systems. It makes them feel special/ It makes them feel as if they had found out a very significant truth…
But on the other hand: If they really believe in what they have “found out”, that would make everyone else either a liar or a fool… And if they believe that they are the only ones who know the truth and everyone else is either evil or stupid, that is clearly a sign of a personality disorder: That is something I’d title as “overbearing narcissism”.
:/ In order to experience a sharper edge of identity, people choose to believe in a truth beyond what everyone else is believing. Special beliefs (in this sense) seem to be experienced like a drug. A drug that enhances a sense of significance and identity.
I tend to worry about where this is leading… Perhaps I worry too much.

Maybe it helps to relax and go out and just watch a beautiful sunset.

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